28. February 2014

High physical relieve up to 80% less pushing force required!

An enormously important part of paver installation is the filling of the joints with sand. Only when the joints are filled completely and durable with sand the pavement is stable for a long time. Functional loads are then distributed to a bigger surface, then the pavement is durable and stable for a long time.

The joints are filled by sweeping in dry sand or by flashing in wet sand with water. This job is done thoroughly and quickly with the paver jointing device Easy-Fill from Probst. With the wide working width of 1,17 m (46”) the EF-H reaches a big area very efficiently.

The 2 rotating brushes are overlapping and they are driven by a powerful 5,5 HorsePower benzene engine. The rotating brushes are creating a forward drive at the same time. Therefore the need for pushing action is reduced by about 80 %. Usually one single pass is sufficient to fill the joints completely.

  • Perfect penetration of the joints
    Resanding at a later time is not necessary anymore.
  • Output figures: 50 sqm in less than 15 minutes!
    The Easy-Fill fulfils all requirements with respect to economical and reliable measure of working, easy operation and low wear durability.
  • Careful water dosing to achieve best results
    When flushing the sand with water into the joints it is very important to be able to dose the water more sensibly. Therefore the EF-H from Probst is equipped as standard with a water tap. With this water tap the amount of water can be controlled easily. Another advantage of the water tap: The water flow can be completely stopped at any time in order to not waste water when then process has to be stopped for any reason. The operator does not have to walk to the water source to stop the water flow. As a matter of fact too much water, which penetrates the ground, can make the pavement instable for a period of time.
  • Efficient and economical
    With the innovative Easy-Fill the sand sweeping and sand flushing can be done efficiently, simply and effortlessly. The bristles have a wear reserve of 50 mm. This means a long lifetime for the brushes and lowest maintenance.

  • Choosing the right bristle is very important
    Before doing the joint filling the sand has to be distributed roughly on the paver surface. Some bristles are not stiff enough to penetrate heaps of sand, which occurs when the distribution of sand is not perfectly done. This is not the case on the EF-H from Probst, because Probst has chosen the bristles very carefully and an optimum relation between hardness and stiffness and flexibility of the bristles has been achieved. Advantage of the special brush technique for the user is significant. The brushes never loose the contact to the surface of the pavers, therefore the best possible efficiency is guaranteed.

  • Robust and easy to use
    The Easy-Fill is a very high quality mechanical engineered product, designed for reliable function, durability and efficient workforce-saving handling. The forwarddrive minimizes the force to push the device by up to 80 %. The adjustable handle adapts to operators with different body height. The hood is rounded at the front in order to get easily access also into all corners. Using the quick adjust spindle the ideal brush height can be set stepless in order to minimize the wear of the brushes.

  • Overload protection saves trouble
    It can not be avoided that sometimes a paver or any other kind of debris will get in between the rotation brush and blocks the movement. In order to avoid any damage on both brushes and drives the EF-H disposes of an overload protection.

  • Multiple profit
    In no time the EF-H brushes can be exchanged for steel brushes. With this configuration heavy dirt or moss can be cleaned off older pavement surfaces.

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