A precise base grade is half the battle - Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

11. June 2015

Preparing the base grade is essential before installing pavement or slabs. In addition to a thoroughly compacted sub grade, a properly installed base grade at the right height is the most important requirement to ensure that pavement lasts many years, even under heavy loads and difficult weather conditions.

The Probst installation specialists offer a comprehensive selection of products for base grade preparation. With a working width of 75 up to 600 cm, the Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI is ideal for large as well as small construction sites. The lightweight screed system features practical details such as individual telescoping aluminium screed profiles, lateral height-adjustable roller units and ties.

The TAS-UNI-450 is continuously adjustable for screed widths from 75 to 450 cm. Individual aluminium profiles slide into each other to reach the desired width. Up to a certain minimum width – which is determined by the length of the longest single profile – all profiles stay together so nothing gets lost. They are secured by a clamp-connection that can be fully released at any time. The individual aluminium profiles have lengths of 75, 100, 175 and 200 cm. To achieve a screed width of up to 600 cm, the TAS-UNI-600 also includes an aluminium profile with a length of 300 cm. Even with this large working width, the tremendously rigid yet lightweight special aluminium profiles made of a low-wearing alloy do not sag. Thanks to the especially high profile at 28 cm, a tremendous amount of screed material can be picked up and distributed in case of uneven material application.

The scope of delivery includes 2 drawing chains with dual hook elements for mechanised use. However, the TAS-UNI can also be pulled by hand, simply by hooking on conventional shovels.

Thanks to the ingenious design of the premium aluminium profiles with projecting cutting edge, the TAS-UNI will not tip whether it is pulled by hand or mechanically using chains. This allows a clean, level base grade to be constructed in a single operation.

The screed system is equipped with height-adjustable, free-moving roller units on the sides, featuring a guide plate and flip-up stripper. The spring-loaded lateral stripper removes base grade material residue from the screed guide. As a result, the rollers never encounter any resistance, ensuring a continuous, exact base grade right up to the screed guide or curb.

The height of the roller units is continuously adjustable using a hand crank. A scale indicates the height (0 – 25 cm). A tread plate is installed over the roller units. The operator can stand on this in order to increase the bearing load for the heaviest mechanised applications.

Not all screed surfaces are supposed to be level. When a street with a certain slope to both sides is planned – for example to facilitate water drainage – the optional TAS-DP intermediate part is available for this straight crossfall (maximum slope +/- 4%). 

In addition to the aluminium screed rails, a steel version is offered for smaller budgets. Both rail systems are extremely sturdy, but the steel version is naturally heavier.

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