14. December 2012

Tested by landscaping specialists: dynamically shaped paths created quick and without visual interruptions.

Correcting visual interruptions at winding paths and beds is very timeconsuming
- even for landscaping specialists.

Creating winding paths and beds bears the risk, that visual interruptions are only discovered after finishing. Correcting the curves means high effort. Marking the
desired radii by hammering down a lot of pins and using an inking string rarely helps.

The solution: the FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK from Probst Greiftechnik Handling and Laying Systems. The curve gives the customer an optimal impression of „his“ garden path. Fixed in the morning, the builder can make his decision in the evening or has even the chance to change the curve according to his wishes.

Karlheinz Götz, Company: Götz Karlheinz Garten & Design:
„The Kit meets all of my expectations. We can highly recommend the set. Especially for apprentices it makes paving of curves much easier and

Content of the FLEXMARKER-KIT FMK:
10 fiberglass rods with 1 meter length
10 binders for pins
5 fixing claws

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