Load, remove, stack, turn

20. June 2017

Internal handling in the production of interlocking paving stones.   Weight is one, safety the other challenge. Anyone who wants to rearrange or pick loose interlocking paving stone packages or to implement or even turn bulky edge angles knows how difficult it is without the right tools. Probst offers many mechanical, hydraulic and even electric handling devices, which speed up the internal material flow, make it easier and safer, and ultimately optimise the operational processes.

Turning and moving in the production process

Even if the production of interlocking paving stones is largely automated, there are always still process stages in which the still unstrapped and therefore unstable stone layers must be rearranged. At these interfaces, Probst comes in with its clever solutions that have been tried and tested many times over.

As such, the ATZ-P cubing clamp allows removal or stacking of up to two layers of interlocking paving stones. The clamp is suspended directly on the hooks of the crane track and controlled with an ergonomic guide handle with integrated manual control valve. A pneumatic locking cylinder holds the stones here from two or even four sides. As an alternative to the pneumatic drive, purely electrical drives are also available for integration of this cubing clamp into automatic implementation systems. A vertical SRF-900 guide with integrated chain hoist and electrical trolley unit are used for stabilisation during the travel movement.

To turn concrete products such as step treads, edge angles and kerbstones through up to 180 degrees, Probst has developed the P-WG pneumatic turning grab. Clamping and turning of bulky products about the longitudinal axis is also performed pneumatically here and thus practically weightlessly for the operator. The stones can therefore be delivered for example to the site already prepared for laying and they can therefore be installed more quickly. Here too, electrical and hydraulic variants are also available respectively.

Turning and moving with the forklift

Coming from the production, interlocking paving stones and concrete elements must initially be stored temporarily on the site and subsequently picked. The STAZ forklift grabs from Probst offer maximum flexibility for this, owing to their modular system. They are designed for strenuous use on the forklift and safely grip even unstrapped, multi-layered interlocking paving stone packages. With high-strength steels, they achieve a high load capacity of 2400 to 4000 kg with a low dead weight. Here, simple replacement of the grab jaws allows variable gripping of all usual packages of construction materials of width 370 to 1370 mm.

Pockets that are permanently screwed in place with or without a rotary motor, crane booms with or without a rotary motor, double grabs and double clamps support various applications. Six variants of the STAZ forklift grabs offer a clever solution for all relevant handling tasks – depending whether quick tool intake or lift height, stability or rotary motion is required. Furthermore, one variant offers the option of using the travel time not only to transport the material but also to compress the packages at the same time. This saves valuable storage space and time overall – compressing and grabbing in one go.

Depending on the requirements, the grabs can also be equipped with rubber, steel or double steel lamellae. Even for very special material layers, such as uncompressed and unstrapped interlocking paving stone packages or flat-structure concrete block layers and sensitive sand-lime brick packages, Probst offers the right solution.

Probst is the inventor of the handling technology and now the world market leader for grab and installation technology. The extensive handling equipment arises from a deep understanding of the processes in block production. “We talk to our customers a lot on site,” says Probst GmbH Sales and Marketing Manager Holger Merholz. “From this knowledge of the problems and challenges, we develop solutions that are suitable for daily use. As such, we make handling of the broadest range of materials even safer and easier.”

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