Machine training in Oman

18. December 2014

Turn the key and go! It‘s not quite that easy with many new machines today. Specialised training is often required for heavy equipment in order to maximise the potential.

The goal: Improved efficiency and profitability on the construction site. Well trained personnel reduces operator errors and the potential for machine downtime to aminimum and protects the health of the employees.

This is also why the Probst Greiftechnik Verlegesysteme GmbH service technicians travel around the world to provide training on proper operation and maintenance to dealers and end customers.

During individual training sessions, the machine operators can look over the shoulder of the Probst service technician and gain experience under supervision. They receive lots of hints and tips, starting with how to determine the optimal starting point for laying paving stones at a site, moving on to positioning of the pallets and extendingto replacing stones so they interlock properly. Possible troubleshooting scenarios are practiced: „What are the reasons that the layer of stones is slipping out of the grab?“, „The grab is gripping too high up and has to be readjusted!“. Safe loading and unloading as well as maintenance of the machine are practised as well.

Experience has shown that the personal introduction to new additions to the motorpool results in much faster acceptance. Otherwise it‘s not unusual to watch the efficient tools and machines going unused due to apprehension about the new technologyor operator errors, with the familiar old tools or even manual methods being used instead.

After completing the intense training, all successful participants receive a certificate which certifies their newly obtained qualifi cations. The graduates at Allied Business Corporation(ABCON) in Oman were also proud to receive their Probst certificates. Over the course of 4 days the employees there received in-depth training on optimal use of the Installation Machine VM-301-PAVERMAX. The parking lot of a Climacool Hotel was being built there. Further Probst equipment was also used on the site in addition to the heavy equipment, with training provided on its use as well. The Block Cutters AL was used to trim the paving stones at the end of the parking lot, and any damaged individual stones could be removed from the pavement quickly and easily with the Paving Block Extractor SZ.

The mission abroad is also important for the Swabian company Probst itself: The servicetechnician experiences the specific challenges in the respective countries first-hand, and this information is passed on directly to the development department when they return. As an example, particularly large radiators are installed in the installation machines asstandard equipment so that they operate fl awlessly even in subtropical countries.

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