New video: Laying of boulders in the zoo

13. March 2015

The Manual Boulder Grab H-FVZ-UNI in use

Excitement at the Görlitz Zoo. Director Dr. Sven Hammer and his team are building a river margin in the Tibetan Village. Camels, domestic yak and Cashmere goats watched inquisitively as boulders were moved with the Manual Boulder Grab H-FVZ-UNI by Probst GmbH, and stayed close to the zoo staff the whole time.  

"The boulder grab by Probst is a great device. It allows us to move heavy rocks even in our rough terrain. That doesn't just make us happy, but our animals as well. We are happy that we have it!“ Dr. Sven Hammer reports cheerfully.  

With a passion for detail, a Tibetan village with five stables and a large outdoor enclosure was built in the Görlitz Zoo. In order to make optimal use of the limited resources for this large project, the team at the zoo also had to put in some hard labour. The manual boulder grab was an important tool for the project. Smaller boulders and stone blocks can be moved comfortably and safely by 2 people with this grab, and positioned with millimetre accuracy. The additional ring eyelets also allow for machine-mounted operation within the allowable load capacity of up to 200 kg. With the simple and fast opening range adjustment, the opening width of the grab can be adjusted within a range of 0 – 600 mm without any additional tools. Adjusted in this way, it grips every stone optimally. Thanks to the grab's low weight of just 18 kg, it can be transported to all garden and landscaping construction projects easily and adjusted effortlessly.  

For larger boulders and stone blocks which cannot be moved by hand, the "big brother" - the Mechanical Boulder Grab FVZ-UNI - is used. With a carrying capacity of 1,500 kg, it can handle real heavyweights of almost any shape. Especially practical: By simply changing the chain position, the grab opens automatically when it is lifted. The grab arm - which is held by the placed boulder - folds aside and can easily be pulled out.  

See for yourself how the animals at Görlitz Zoo watch closely as the boulders are moved with the Probst grab!

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