Sewer and pipe installation with a system

18. January 2018

Current condition data of the sewers in Germany show a need for renovation: over 60 percent of all sewers recorded are already over 25 years old. The average age is actually almost 40 years. When installing the pipes and creating the shafts and outlets, there is all the more need for quality. With professional handling equipment from Probst, safe, efficient and gentle work is possible in civil engineering.

According to the status analysis from 2015 by DWA, the German association for water management, sewage and waste, the total length of sewers in Germany amounts to 575,580 km; the total comprises mixed water, wastewater and rainwater sewers in roughly equal proportions. Around a fifth of all sewer connections require renovation in the short to medium term –currently, approximate 6,300 km sewers are renovated per year. Based on these figures, the huge costs to the taxpayer quickly become clear, as does also the huge resulting order potential for companies in sewer construction. Nonetheless, there are generally also high cost pressure and a narrow time window here to complete the tasks. The quality assurance of the entire process chain begins with correct handling and transport of the prefabricated parts, as even minor damage to the pipes, shafts and manhole rings can have serious effects on the impermeability of the sewer.

Quality promise implemented consistently

It is also precisely here that the quality promise of Probst for its handling tools begins: Even in goods inwards, a spectral analysis device is used for quality control, so that only fault-free material is processed. In the design, the latest 3D CAD software is used and strength proofs are provided with the aid of FEM calculations. Moreover, the company has been certified to DIN standard with respect to welding work, as tools such as the pipe laying hook, pipe installation mandrel or pipe grab transport heavy, prefabricated parts. Absolute precision is therefore required, particularly for weld spots and seams, so that occupational safety remains guaranteed. The range from Probst offers a broad spectrum of tools – the right solution for all applications.

Variable manhole installation clamp with one-person operation

If manhole rings and cones must be transported alternately during pipe laying work, the SVZ-UNI-VARIO manhole installation clamp wins out, as its two grab levels mean that conversion is no longer necessary when picking up different prefabricated parts. The digger driver can control the suspension point for the installation of asymmetric cones moving independently. Even asymmetric cones therefore hang exactly horizontally. Because a sideways movement of the lift arm is sufficient to switch between “grab” and “release”, no additional operator is therefore required in addition to the machine driver. The SVZ-UNI-VARIO electrogalvanised manhole installation clamp transports cones and manhole rings with a nominal diameter of 65 to 1,500 mm safely and extremely efficiently.

For reinforced concrete pipes weighing up to four tonnes

If the prefabricated parts are slightly larger, the RVD-4-ECO-F pipe installation mandrel makes it possible for a single person to pick up and install pipes weighing up to four tonnes in a way that is safe from slipping. Complex strapping of the pipes with belts or chains becomes completely unnecessary and a great deal of time is saved – and with the mechanical clamp mechanism, the pipes cannot slip. With the integrated universal flange plate, the pipe installation mandrel is suitable for fitting on any digger.

New: Pipe grab with Safelock for prefabricated parts weighing up to four tonnes

If space on the construction site is particularly tight and the digger driver can grab the stored prefabricated parts only from above, a pipe grab is the first choice. In various designs, Probst holds the right tool in its range even in this sector – the RG-75/125-Safelock mechanical pipe grab is a completely new development and offers convenient handling of concrete pipes with a diameter of 720 to 1,280 mm, with a new safety feature: when lifting the pipe, the grab generates tension on the pipe, which remains in place even when the part is put down. A pipe can therefore be put down several times and easily picked up again until it is placed in the desired location. This is achieved by means of internal interlocking, which is released only when the operator deliberately starts this process. Despite this enhanced function, the pipe grab with Safelock is designed to be extra slim, facilitating pipe grabbing directly from the lorry load platform and use in narrow trenches.

Suitable even for the narrowest trenches

Likewise in a slim design, the RG pipe grab comes to the construction site in two different designs (RG-20/80 and RG-8/40). With its adjustable opening width, the digger or crane driver can gently access pipes with a diameter of 80 mm to 800 mm at any time. When accessing the pipe, the pipe grab overhangs the pipe only minimally, such that even the narrowest trenches represent no obstacle to it.

The range from Probst includes many other clever tools and aids for all activities in civil engineering and sewer construction. Whether manhole rings are to be transported and positioned safely and with no damage, or the final work on the surface is due after completion of the work “underground”, even for correct handling of manhole frames, manhole covers, street drains and manhole covers: companies can always find the right tool from Probst.

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