Small grab with tremendous power

29. January 2014

Construction work in the downtown core is always inconvenient for the public and business owners. Therefore, fast and efficient completion of the work is in everyone's best interests. Tools and machines on which one can rely play a key role in this regard. During restoration of the downtown core in Oberstenfeld (Germany), the paving company Bercher & Malejko used the new Probst EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle to lay the granite kerbstones.

Due to heavy use of the Großbottwarer Straße in the Oberstenfeld downtown core, the porphyry stone cobbled footpaths were showing considerable signs of wear. The street was re-paved, broadened to 6 meters and bordered with granite flagstone and large granite kerb stones (100 x 30 x 25 cm). The Portuguese granite is sawn and bush hammered, giving it flat surfaces which also provide good grip.

The 12 kg light Probst EASYGRIP EXG Border Stone Handle the grab performed extremely well during the construction work, thanks to its tremendous load capacity and ease of use. In addition to granite kerb stones, the mechanical grab also transports border stones, slabs, block steps and kerb stones with a weight of up to 550 kg with ease. Attached to a carrier - such as a loading crane or mini-excavator - with a hoisting belt or chain, the handy grab can also be operated by just one person with a machine. Of course the grab can also be used manually, since it is equipped with dual handles for two-man operation.

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