16. April 2012

The innovative new STRING TIGHT SB for the horticulture, landscaping, building and construction industry.
Straight and square edges are required when installing paving stones, kerbs,slabs and bricks. Conventional plumb lines often catch against the stone thus not giving an accurate straight line reading.
The STRING TIGHT SB provides a clearance of approx. 4 – 5 mm between stone and string line – giving great results every time!

  • The practical tool for paver laying and masonry work.
  • The kit contains 2 metal brackets, 1 roll of Nylon line: thickness 1,4 mm with a length of 100 m.
  • Made of robust steel, powder coated.
  • Adjustable distance of the string line laterally and vertically.
  • With string line take-up and functional slot to place a level on.
  • Comes in a decorative promotional display rack each with 12 kits.

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