Vacuum-Lifting Device POWERJET PJ 1650-b

16. February 2012

Large-sized concrete slabs with decorative surface finish as well as sandstone slabs may sometimes be very porous. The POWERJET is especially designed to for this kind of slabs.

The enormous suction capacity of this series makes an efficient and safe installation of such porous slabs up to a weight of 1,650 kg possible now. This enormous suction capacity is produced by a special vacuum blower for vacuum generating.

The optional available hydraulic release device HAE makes the POWERJET an absolute one-man operated equipment – release process is effected directly from the driver’s seat.

  • Can be attached to any proper carrier by means of load hook, chain, ropes etc.
  • Can be equipped with a hydraulic rotator as an add-on if requested.
  • Maximum carrying capacity 1,650 kg (subject to the attached suction plate).
  • With innovative, intelligent, battery powered warning system (service life of the battery is 1 year and even longer!).
  • Highest safety at work due to integrated chain guard, thus even heavily porous products cannot fall off in case of power failure.
  • Ergonomic handles for guiding the SH.
  • With integrated, powerful petrol engine with electro starter.
  • Compact design.
  • Including high-volume dust filter.

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