Paver laying and transportation

Adjustable Paver Transport Cart VTK-V / Access Ramp VTK-V-AR

Order-Number: 51100015, 51100016, 51100014

For the effortless transportation of bound or loose pavers, kerb stones, slabs, etc.

  • Clamping is done by bending a lever 90° (maximum pressure 15 kp).
  • An integral protection device prevents overloading of the clamping mechanism.
  • A favourable load distribution and the light-weight-nature of the device (68 kg) ensures optimal operating.
  • Its narrow build (115 cm/45”) means it can be used on the smallest building sites.
  • Blocks can easily be loaded from the pallet without the need of a ramp.
  • Fully mechanical.
  • Adjusts smoothly and without the need for tools.
  • Adjustable gripping width from 550 mm – 1,050 mm.
  • The minimum and maximum gripping widths can be altered using special grippers.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing


VTK-V-AR access ramp – for easy positioning of the VTK-V adjustable paver transportationcart on top of pallets

  • Simple, lightweight plastic access ramp for the VTK-V
  • The adjustable paver transport cart can be moved to pallet level ergonomically and without much effort
  • The VTK-V remains stable when the outer paver stack is removed
  • Greatly simplifies the removal of pavers


  • Gripping Width W mm (in): 550 - 1,050 (21¾ - 41'')
  • Block Height max. E mm (in): 900 (35½'')
  • Gripper Length L mm (in): 200 (7¾'')
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (lbs): 400 (880)
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 68 (150)


  • VTK-V with supporting wheel (technical data see above) 
  • Dead weight kg (lbs): 74 (160) 


  • Access ramp for VTK-V, to make picking up interlocking paving stones on the pallett easier. L = 700 mm, W = 850 mm, H = 160 mm
  • Dead weight kg (lbs): 10 (22) 


  • Supporting wheel for easy handling on even ground. Can be additionally attached at any time. 
  • Dead weight kg (lbs): 7 (15) 


  • Retrofit Kit: Special grippers and wider load support max. 1,350 mm
  • Dead weight kg (lbs): 10 (22) 


  • Insertable storage tray for transporting Tools, small compactors, etc. 
  • Dead weight kg (lbs): 5 (11)