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Block Cutters AL

Order-Number: 51200001, 51200002, 51200003, 51200004, 51200042, 51200036, 51200049, 51200043, 51200046, 51200047, 51200006, 51200048

High stability, yet light weight, exact cutting ability. Fast manual operation due to the favourable transmission of the eccentric lever.

  • Simple and quick adjustment of the cutting height by the height adjustment screws.
  • Suspended upper blade even cuts materials with a conical cross-section (such as kerb stones).
  • Type AL 43/U cuts kerb stones up to 300 mm high.
  • Spring loaded suspending table ensures an exact cut.
  • Both blades, top and bottom, have 4 cutting edges, thus ensuring a long life.
  • The blades can be turned quickly and easily.

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