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Grab for Prefabricated Concrete Products FTZ-MULTI

Order-Number: 53100348

Innovative, mechanical grab. Appropriate clamp configurations for versatile applications from a modular construction system.


  • Extraordinary large gripping range, thus suitable for gripping nearly all kind of standard concrete elements and natural stones.
  • Clamps from full versions can be upgraded with orther grippers later on.
  • The individual modules are available separately and hence a huge range of applications can be covered at a resonable price (base body + 3 sets of grippers cover the entire spectrum!)
  • WB-G-42: Large gripping range, short rubber grippers - preferably suitable for handling of single elements.
  • WB-G-120: Large gripping range, large rubber grippers - preferably suitable for handling of full layers, such as one layer of kerb stones etc.
  • WB-SQ: Special interlocking steel-finger grippers allow for safe installation of roughly-cut ashlar rocks. This model replaces the existing Probst Rock Clamp SQZ!

Durable surface protection by galvanizing!

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