Telescopic Screeding System TAS-UNI

Order-Number: 51000042, 51000043

Universally suitable for precise and flexible screeding of laying courses on both, large and small sites.

Comfortable upright working position.

  • Consisting of the following components:Telescopic aluminium screeding profiles, height adjustable roller units on either side, pulling elements.
  • The aluminium profile has been optimized. So the device does neither move upwards when pulled by hand nor when pulled with chains mechanically. In one run a clean and exact screed can be produced.
  • The profile was increased in order to be able to move more material when the predistribution of the screeding material is very rough.
  • Step above the roller unit on which the operator can stand to increase the pressure to the ground when using the TAS-M mechanically.
  • Working width up to 6,000 mm (20 feet) by duplicating the profile. (on request).
  • Special aluminium profiles, consisting of a low wear, high-tensile alloy are designed to be fully telescopic to one another, stepless.
  • With integrated jam system to lock the telescopic parts in any desired position.
  • All metall parts are galvanized.
  • At each side equipped with height adjustable roller units, including screeding rail cleaning wiper as well as material turn-away metal sheet. Height adjustable directly above scale.
  • For mechanical operation 2 pulling chains are included in the standard equipment.


  • recommended basic configuration:
    - 1 Aluminium-Profile each of 750,  1,000,  1,750,  2,000 mm long (30'', 40'', 69'', 80'')
    - with integrated clamping adjustment
    - 1 set=2 side positioned, height-adjustable roller Units with metal steps and sheet-metal wipers
      with integrated fastener for the required segments with hook-in-System for shovel
    - 2 pulling chains, incl. hooks
  • Working Width mm (in): 750 - 4,500 (29½'' - 177'')
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 78 (170)


  • Standard configuration as above, plus 1 Alu-Profile 3,000 mm long
  • Working Width mm (in): 750 - 6,000 (29½'' - 236'')
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 100 (220) 

Particularly handy:

  • For hand operation the TAS can be easily pulled by means of standard shovels while standing in comfortable upright position!

Adjustable Adapter for Roof-/Pan Profile TAS-UNI-DP:

With this adjustable adapter any roof or pan profile of +/- 4% can can be screeded. The adapter can be adjusted exactly and directly above scale.