Professional tools

Site Fence Base Handle BZSH

Move site fence bases quickly and ergonomically. more

Plump Line Fixture RSH

The plumb line fi xture RSH allows for precise guidance of the plumb line in vertical and horizontal direction in combination with a pin extractor. more

Joint Spacer FL

Joint Spacer FL – enables even spacing for large-format slabs. more


The brilliantly simple and flexible line holder for all setup work performed with a plumb line. more


The innovative new STRING TIGHT SB for the horticulture, landscaping, building and construction industry. more


The smart marker for horticulture and landscaping, par excellence. more


This Makes Shaping Curves Easy more

Paver Lifter SAH

The „quick“ brother of the Block Extractor SZ.To lift pavers out of an uncompacted pavement. more


The FLORISMOBIL FM is a light, versatile and cheaper alternative to the expensive and heavy drop-off forklift. It saves manpower and protects the health of your employees. more

Block Cutter AL/S with Segment Blades

Snap clinker, slabs and natural stone tiles in the best quality. more

Slab Extractor PZ

For extracting single slabs, it has a robust construction so that the blades can be hammered into the joints. more

Paving Block Extractor SZ with Locking Device

An essential tool for any contractor who lays paving blocks or carries out repairs to paved surfaces. more

Alignment Bar RE

For aligning the paving stones before they are permanently set. more

Rubber Hammer GH

For aligning the paving stones before they are permanently set. more

Professional-Slab Handle PPH

For laying concrete and natural stone slabs. more


For the efficient laying of paving blocks directly from the stack. more

Block Cutter AL / AL-EASY with Rigid Blades

The classic from Probst at ALMI. more

Hydraulic Block Cutters AL-43 / SH range

Snap electrohydraulically at the touch of a button, entirely without dust, noise or wastewater! The environmentally friendly alternative to block sawing. more

Radial Cut Adapter RSA

The RSA converts each standard block cutter into a radial cutter within seconds. more

Quickdraw QD

A clever paver-marking tool for concrete and paving stones. more

Multiple Alignment Bar MRE

The "Turbo Accelerator" for alignment work. more

Pin Extractor ENZ

Simple but very efficient tool to pull out string line pins used on construction sites. more

Turf Stone Handles RVH

Used in pairs and designed specially for laying turf stones. more

Brick Handles KKT

For the efficient transportation of bricks from the pallet to the laying surface. Adjustable. more

Measuring and Marking Tool MAL

An essential aid for the exact measuring and marking of lengths and angles on pavers. more