Attachments – Laying of kerb stones and slabs

Vacuum Lifting Device SH-3500-B

Vacuum Lifting Device SH-3500-B – with enhanced performance for hard construction-site use more


Efficient and accurate installation of small-sized and lightweight slabs. For Attachment to QJ, PJ and SPEEDY. more

STONEMAGNET SM-600 Vacuum Lifting Device

STONEMAGNET® SM-600 – the new battery-driven vacuum lifting device with even more power more

POWERJET PJ-1650 Vacuum-Lifting Device

Large-sized concrete slabs with decorative surface finish as well as sandstone slabs may sometimes be very porous. The POWERJET is especially designed to for this kind of slabs. more

QUICKJET QJ-600-E Vacuum Lifting Device

Lifts even very porous materials more

Vacuum Lifting Device SH-1000-MINI for Loads up to 1,000 kg

For efficient and safe handling and laying of heavy loads up to 1,000 kg, such as granite slabs, dense concrete elements, marble slabs, kerb stones, steps, pipes etc. more

Vacuum Lifting Device SH-2500-UNI for Heavy Loads up to 2,500kg

For the easy and efficient handling and laying of natural stone, concrete and marble slabs, pipes and steps, etc more

Vacuum Lifting Device SH-2500-UNI-B-TURBO

This type was specially designed for picking up very porous elements. more

Attachments for Vacuum Lifting Device SH

For different jobs we recommend special suction plates. more