Highrise and roof elements

Loading Fork LG with Security Chain

With automatic center-of-gravity balance for lifting and transport by crane. The Automatic-Centre-of Gravitiy-Balance is effected through a spring-loaded slide. more

Scissor Grab SG

A mechanical grab universally suitable for use on building sites engaged in civil engineering work and paving work. more

Pallet Fork with Security Chain PGE-K

Basic Model without Automatic-Centre-of-Gravity-Balance more

Pallet Fork with Security Chain PGA-K

Automatic-Centre-of-Gravity-Balance due to a spring-loaded slide mounted on a maintenance free steel-polyamide-slide-bearing. more

Pallet Fork PGH-K

Comes with hydraulically operated centre-of gravity- balance, enabling the forks to tilt forward and backwards in the full and empty position. Also with rotator making it a purely one-man machine on even ground. more

Roofing Element Clamp DEZ-UNI with Security Net

The universal clamp for clay and concrete roof tiles. more

Roof Tile Clamp DZZ

Suitable for lifting one bundle of roof tiles or concrete roofing slabs (loose, bound or shrinkwrapped). more

Roof Tile Clamp DZZ-II/2000

To pick up one or two rows of concrete roof tiles. For direct charging with truck loading crane on the roof. more

Limestone Clamp KSZ-300-UNI

Especially designed for the transport of limestone elements by a tower crane. more

Laying Clamp for Hollow Core Slabs VZ-D

Suitable for gripping and laying hollow core slabs. more

Limestone Cutter AL

Clean cutting instead of dusty sawing! more